Welcome to the website of Colette Forma, realizer of change. With my company Lab-C I bring change and innovation power. From strategy to practice, from vision to behavior and from concept to realization.

Where something really needs to rock, I am at my best.

Provided with a fresh perspective, analytical skills, decisiveness and a solid dose of energy I prefer to dive deep into the organization of my clients. It is from there where I work best on growth strategies, innovation and tangible change with a positive impact on the operating result. Go ahead, challenge me!


The dynamics of the 21st century are demanding on organizations. Agility, digitization, customer focus. They sometimes require adapting the way we organize, produce things and provide services. A sustainable change requires a transformation in thinking and acting.

How do we get managers and employees along?

Knowing what moves people, understanding their motives. Freeing up intrinsic motivation and positively influencing behavior. Having an eye for both the strategic as the human aspect of organizations.

  • Leads challenging change- and improvement trajectories.
  • Develops and implements programs aimed at changing organizational culture and behavior.
  • Positions the ones in charge and ensures better cooperation between teams.


In order to remain successful as an organization, innovation is of paramount importance. The ones who do not innovate, will sooner or later lose their privileged position. More and more knowledge is available, disruptive business models are shaking up the markets, and the digital transformation keeps raging on.

How doe you stay relevant as an organization?

The customer really put centrally and involved in the innovation process. Understanding their context and their needs and translating the insights into promising solutions. Quickly testing, learning and improving for winning propositions.

  • Is a key driver for innovation and helps solving strategic growth issues.
  • Helps identifying market opportunities and develops value propositions that will make a difference.
  • Facilitates creative collaboration and triggers ‘outside-in’ thinking.


In a complex world that is continuously changing, it is impossible to come up with pioneering solutions on your own. Creating value and finding better answers demands for cooperation between people with difference background and expertise.

How do you create better solutions and increase your impact?

Working together in multidisciplinary teams. Breaking through limiting patterns of thinking, encouraging creativity and making ideas tangible. Creating an environment in which available knowledge can be most effective and where people can inspire and motivate each other.

  • Helps to unleash creativity and innovative power in organizations.
  • Facilitates processes of co-creation that build support for change and deliver concrete results.
  • Brings projects of creativity and innovation from idea to result.


From Lab-C I am available for innovation and change assignments on interim and consultancy basis. I focus on organizations that are ‘on the move’ and can fulfill roles as strategic advisor, change agent, innovator, program manager, facilitator and team-coach.

In the past years I have developed and completed successful projects for among others:

  • AkzoNobel
  • ABB Lummus
  • ANP
  • Koninklijke Gazelle
  • Kadaster
  • KPN
  • MotracLinde
  • NS
  • Philips
  • Rabobank
  • Rai Amsterdam
  • SEAT
  • St. Antonius Ziekenhuis
  • Smallsteps
  • Total E&P Nederland
  • Vattenfall (NUON)
  • VVRV
  • Welzorg
  • Wessanen
  • ZoBeter (Erasmus Medisch Centrum)



As a fifteen year old I was given a glimpse of working at a renowned agency in Amsterdam. It appealed so much to the imagination that there was no doubt: I would study Communications.

I can now rely on over 25 years of work experience, of which about 18 years have been as an entrepreneur. And although communication is inextricably linked to everything I do, my expertise has since then developed broader.

After having worked at an agency for several years and having learned the trade, I started my own company Moodies, agency for moodmaking, together with my business partner. We are engaged with influencing perception, motivation and behavior and in 15 years we complete over 220 projects for clients in different branches. In 2015 we decide to realize our ambitions outside of Moodies. 

With Lab-C I then focus on realizing change from within an organization, in cooperation with the people of that organization. One of my assignments - improving the collaboration between oncology patients and healthcare professionals in an academic hospital - opened my eyes for the challenges healthcare and medical technology are facing. 

At Philips Experience Design I focus on innovation. I lead multidisciplinary teams to get to propositions with which Philips can make a difference. Innovations that help improve the lives of people, because they have been developed from within a deep empathy. I am responsible for the worldwide Design Thinking practice and for a team of innovation experts in Amsterdam and Eindhoven.

In 2020 I will contribute to the consultancy practice of flowresulting. This result driven firm offers hands-on advice on strategy, customer experience and pricing. Also here, I will lend my change- and innovation strength in order to get organizations moving. Come get it!

A wide range of knowledge and methods is currently part of my toolbox, like among others Design Thinking, LEAN (Startup), Agile, Mutual Gains Approach (MGA) and Behavioral Insights. I am a certified trainer for DiSC® and Brain Preferences NBI®, practical methods for improving personal effectiveness and collaboration within teams.


Is there a necessity for change in your organization? Do you want to achieve growth? Identify market opportunities, develop products or services, or improve an existing service? Or do you really want a project to make progression?

Then please contact me for an introductory, a constructive talk or a brainstorm session about collaboration. I am looking forward to it!

Colette Forma | interim professional & consultant

Lab-C B.V.

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